Was Larry really listening to Carson Reno?

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Ger Strawberry land

I told Larry my story, starting with my visit from Monica, the mysterious map that evidently came from Bernie Taylor and then my crazy trip to Arkansas to see Watson Clark.  I finished with my observations from last night at the Manhattan Club.

“Interesting,” he said.

“Yes, it is interesting.  And if I can get my hands on that file, I believe we’re going to see some big names take a big fall.  We both know that our Memphis Mafia friends on Beale Street want no part of this city/county consolidation. The prostitution, gambling, illegal weapons, booze and drug operations would take a real hit – maybe even shut them down.”

“Interesting,” he said again.

“We both know a lot of money is changing hands – it has to be.  Otherwise, they couldn’t get away with all the things they do.  We just don’t know ‘whose’ hands, and I think…

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