Can Jess help the MC stay clear of the drug trade?

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Steve is the VP of the MC. He’s autistic, talks funny—especially when stressed, and swears like a sailor. His mind works like a machine, focusing singularly on potential problems and clearing them with precision and stealth.
Military trained as a SEAL, he was a satellite for his team, but rarely involved with them. Working alone is what he’s best at, doing it quietly is what he excels at, and eliminating a threat to his MC family is what he was born to do.
When he turns that focus on Jess, she doesn’t stand a chance, and her natural sub tendencies are a perfect fit.
Jess is content being single, but after three years of being asked out, she finally says yes to Steve. Jess lives with a debilitating ailment and is determined to hide that from her new MC family. Using her finance degree, Jess helps the MC stay out…

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