Brotherhood Fortress Floor Plan/Sub-Levels

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1st Fl – Waiting Area with Lavatory/Medical Unit with Lab
(Long Hall/ Elevators/ Storage/ Closets.)

2nd Fl – Cafeteria/Auditorium & Library with Acoustics Room/ Small Waiting Area
(Storage for books, food/ Elevators/ Guardian Uniforms & Shoes)

3rd Fl – Guardian Qtrs. with Bathrooms/ Extra Living Quarters/ Laundry Room
(Guardian Qtrs. on each side of the floor, separated by Elevators and Storage Closets.)

4th Fl – Waiting Area with Bath Area/Gymnasium/ Weight Room/ Storage
(Large Waiting Area, turned into an Orphanage/ Elevators)

5th Fl – Laundry Room/ Storage/Waiting Area/ Rest Area & Small Lounge
(Storage for furniture from raids/ Elevators/ Lounge Area with sofas, chairs, and mirrors.)

6th Fl – Brig/ Waiting Area with Showers & Bathrooms/ Chasm Pool Area
(Storage closets for towels and soap/ Elevators/ Bathrooms for Females and Males.)

These are the schematics of the underground fortress known as
The Brotherhood

PicturePictureThis is a schematic of a single…

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