Adam is distraught with his life and finds a way to deal with it

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Paul blazing hearts

Chapter Eleven

Hell seemed to be an interesting place. Adam Ludsgarden was on his computer, the door was closed to his room locked. He was gathering all the information he could. He already knew the Ten Commandments – probably watched the movie – by heart, and read the Bible in not only English but Spanish too. Although he didn’t memorize everything, Adam had studied the key points: The Sins.
Adam had peeked out his door and down the hall, making sure no one was in sight. He didn’t want to stumble into his uncle or Jaysen even for a gentle greeting. Adam thought a simple “hello” would be a nuisance. He didn’t see anyone and noticed everyone’s door closed. He was even thankful that evil woman, Dawn Turlo wasn’t here. Adam still considered her unmarried to his uncle, even though it was true.
It had been a while since the…

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