Tassta is attracted to Griffin Storm and hopes he is attracted to her

The Owl Branch Book Promotions

Tassta pushed the door open, flipped the light switch on, and scanned the small living room. Clean white stone walls, a plush, red sofa with two black leather chairs and a small round black coffee table. Sparse furnishings, things brought in from raids on houses destroyed by earthquakes. The dwelling had a couple of stylish silver lamps in the living room and a few black frames on the walls with no pictures, just white empty space where the stone walls peeked through. She pushed the creaking gurney in through the small living room to the dark bedroom. She flipped the light switch, and the flower-shaped, fluorescent lighting in the corners of the room lit up softly, lighting the whole room with a subdued white hue.

She looked down at Griffin, noted his skin seemed to glow in the fluorescent light. She bent down, got in real close to his face…

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