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Dellani and books

Dellani Oakes has been telling tales since she learned how to talk. She progressed from this to writing (horrible) poems and song parodies when she was a child. In junior high and high school, she went on to write short stories and humorous essays. In college, her interest turned to plays, though she also wrote more short stories. Her first attempt at a novel came in 1989 when she quit teaching and got bored. It’s not finished yet, and may never be, but she holds out the hope that the characters will one day share their story with her. Her first completed and published novel was her historical romance, Indian Summer. She has since put out eleven more books, romantic suspense and sci-fi.

Dellani currently lives on the east coast of Florida with her handsome husband and two of her four children, her son’s girlfriend, and their dog. She volunteers…

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