When her closest friends betray her, can Nadira rise again to save her planet… and herself?

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Seven the martian king.jpg

After the bitter betrayal of her friends, Nadira finds herself thrown into one of the most horrific prisons in the universe. Worse, Magistrate Embrya entrusted the Martians, long-time allies of the Venusians, with a powerful weapon capable of destroying entire planets. But when a crazed man threatens the peace on Mars and within the galaxy and attempts to usurp the throne, Nadira will soon learn, time is running out to defeat both her old and new enemies before war engulfs both planets.

In the final book of the Venus Rising trilogy, Nadira will be confronted with an unthinkable choice: saving the man she loves or saving her entire planet.

The Martian King is a Clean Interracial Science Fiction Romance with a touch of fantasy. Fans of Octavia E. Butler and Orson Scott Card will enjoy this book. Fans of The Fifth Element, The Matrix, and Jupiter Rising will also enjoy…

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