Continuing the MC Series: are Rich and Patches, Danny’s sons.

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Rich spent his teenage years in the MC. He’s sent to get military training in hopes of becoming a Club Officer in Security. Saving a village of women and children earned him a medal of valor. But medals won’t win him the respect he’s looking for. Working hard he earns a position second to Steve, finally getting his Brothers loyalty. But Rich wants more. He does everything with his roommate/Brother Patches, including bedding women.
Patches lost his family when he was young; he makes sure his new family feels the love he longed for growing up. Keeping people close is work for Patches, but he’s drawn in by the LaPontes. With the two Brothers doing everything from homework to skiing, the siblings form a bond that runs deep and true.
When their Club buys a woman to free her from the rival Outlaws, they find work is not the only…

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