Cassidy tries to explain her feelings to Rail

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“Oh.” Fluttering started in Cassidy’s belly and a heated blush crept over her cheeks moving down her neck. Did he have to keep giving her those gentle heart-melting kisses? “Well, I like you, too,” she said with less confidence than she felt.
Rail moved closer, tucking her body against his. “How much?”
“Well . . . you know . . . I like you . . . .” Cassidy silently cursed the breathlessness of her voice and the way her body trembled. If the bulge against her hip was any indication, he enjoyed the contact, too.
“There’s like, and then there’s like,” he rumbled seductively against her neck.
“I—I don’t know you well enough to like you more than friends.” Now lust? That was a different matter. Cassidy had a flash—the two of them tangled in the sheets, hot, sweaty, and doing things she’d only read about.

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