“This book is 10 stars out of 5! A must read! Amazing work!” A 5-Star Review for “His Soul to Hold” (The Dark Knights of Heaven Book 2) by TW Knight

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OMG! T.W. Knight did it again! I thought His Soul To Keep was good and left me hanging? Hell no! My feet are dangling off a cliff at the highest peak on the knight’s island. This amazingly talented author has captured me right from the beginning, on page one. No making it through the first chapter to figure out where I left off from the other book and the long wait for this one. When I saw Kaz, my heart jumped, and all the knights came flooding to me, and they were just as glad to see me as I was them. Amazing!!!
This time Bass finds his Soul Keeper, but he has never loved before and tries to bush her away. Bree is the twin of Sam. They have been on their own for 10 years after they watched their parents killed by monsters. But there…

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