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“Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me.”
-Much Ado About Nothing
William Shakespeare

I am just an ordinary girl who loves extraordinary stories. By day, I work in the IT field. By night, I write diverse science fiction, YA romance, and contemporary sweet romance under the pen name Seven Steps. I write Historical Romance under the pen name of Mildred B Lewis.

Here are some of my favorite things:
Favorite Movies: The Fifth Element, Jupiter Ascending, Something New, Loving
Favorite Author: Ken Follett, Michael Crichton, Brittany Cherry, Sariah Wilson
Favorite Hobbies: Watching movies, reading books that make me cry, and telling my cat Rosie to stop scratching up my couch.

I enjoy watching Disney movies with my husband and daughter, reminiscing, daydreaming, and eating cheese and wine while I’m on the treadmill. I am a PHOENIX PRIME author, meaning that my books are high quality…

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