Carson is intrigued by Mrs. Ava Beaumont – “Murder and More” (Carson Reno Mystery, #14) by Gerald W. Darnell

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Her eyes were hidden by dark glasses and weren’t telling me anything about what was happening in her mind behind them. However, one thing stood out about Mrs. Ava Beaumont and couldn’t be disguised by conservative clothing, dark glasses or hair style. She had small round lips, which remained tightly pressed together except for when she spoke, giving the impression of words left inside her lovely mouth that she didn’t want to accidentally escape. Today her lipstick was red, not bright, just red – and without seeing her eyes, the lips became the focal point on a face with a flawless complexion and a mild tan that didn’t show signs of abuse from the sun. I hate dark glasses and prefer to see eyes when talking to a client. But, without the eyes, I found myself talking to those lips rather than her.
“May I smoke?” she asked, after retrieving…

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