Griffin proclaims his love for Tassta – “Blood Phase” by Kirsten Campbell

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Kirsten blood phase poem talk.jpg



“Are you cold?” Griffin asked.

“Just a little.”

“It gets really cold down here. It’s no place for a lady.”

“Well, that’s just too bad because I go where my man goes.” Tassta crossed her arms over her chest and put on a serious face. “It is kind of cold though,” she said with a giggled. She hugged herself but remained vigilant, stuck to her opinion defiantly.

Griffin got in closer and nuzzled her smooth, brown cheek softly with his nose. “Yum…” He smiled slightly as Tassta’s fragrant smell accosted him; the scent had somehow mixed with his own, creating a unique smell that was so enticing he couldn’t think of anything but her. He closed his eyes and almost swooned. “Damn, you smell SO good…” The words were released with a growl, and his eyes opened, and he inched in as close…

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