Kat plans to meet Wyatt off base – “Eve of Destruction” by E Kay Sims

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“Kat, do I have something on my chin? You’re staring sugar.” He wipes his chin with the linen napkin. There is, of course, nothing there.
“Sorry. It’s just your throat.” I don’t recognize the husky voice that comes from my lips. With questioning eyes, he wipes his throat with the napkin. “No,” I say. “It’s your Adam’s apple. It turns me on.”
“Well, then!” Wyatt chuckles and tilts his chin up, giving me a better view, then runs his index finger over his Adam’s apple in the middle of his muscular throat.
“And in the garden of Eden, did not Eve, misguided by the evil serpent, give Adam the forbidden fruit? The apple of which he ate, and thus became stuck in his throat to form a lump? Hence the legend of the Adam’s Apple. Did I mention my middle name is Adam?” And there’s that swoon worthy grin…

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