A Conversation with the High Assassin of the Elves – “Charming: A Crown and Dagger Book One” (The Never Lands Saga 1) by Andi Lawrencovna

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Andi charming 3.jpg


(She sits across from me, her back straight and her eyes hard, looking at me like she wants to wipe me off the sole of her boot. It is not a pleasant feeling, but I try to smile. Her expression doesn’t change.)

Q: What is one thing you wish you could do that your job has prevented you from doing?

(Her eyebrows furrow and her head tilts to the side.)

Eli: I am an assassin. My “job,” as you call it, is an expression of the faith I believe in. I am serving the Darkness with my deeds. There is nothing I wish to do that I have not already done in the work I have completed for my people and my faith.

Q: Nothing, really? Not a single thing? Take a trip across the ocean? Climb a mountain? Fall in love? Have a…

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