Capt. Eve Stone shows her talents to the team


As I watch the feed, a small figure bursts from one of the buildings at lightning speed and crosses the narrow alley disappearing into the opposite building. I’m assuming it’s the female I just heard on the comm line, but I’ve never seen anyone move that fast. Next, I listen in as she apparently locates the wounded man, even as they’re taking fire. I hear the sounds of 9mm pistol fire as they defend themselves. Amidst all of that, I hear someone giving medical instructions as they prep the wounded for evacuation. The way they’re speaking, it seems I’ve misunderstood the role of the female. She’s clearly in a position of command.

“This is base to Jackal. Are you guys getting this?”

“Roger that, Dragon. We’re about to engage the insurgents as soon as we get the go ahead.” He pauses, and then I hear him speaking to someone else. “Affirmative, Colonel. We’re on it.”

The ground troops can’t hear our communications, and we can’t yet communicate with them, but I’m working on it. In the next moment, my guys on the helo are blasting those filthy fuckers on the ground. From the drone feed, I see a couple of those bastards take a knee, clearly getting ready to fire an RPG at the helo.

“Base to Jackal! Check your three o’clock! RPG!” I shout into my mic.

“Roger that, Dragon. We see ’em.”

But before my guys can zero in, a figure bursts out onto the rooftop, about one hundred yards from the ISIS insurgents preparing to fire that RPG, and blasts them with a grenade, throwing it dead center and on target. I see the blast from the drone feed. It all happened in less than three seconds from notifying my guys of the RPG, to the figure bursting onto the roof, and to the moment of impact. I’m stunned. There’s no fucking way anyone could throw a grenade that far, that fast, and with that accuracy. Not even a world-class pitcher.

E Kay Eve of Destruction   Soldiers of Destruction Series Book 1.jpg






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