Matthew was not to be tied down, until he met Madison – “Matthew” (Book Five of the M Series) by Ryanne Anthony

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Ryanne The M Series Book Five MATTHEW

Matthew Oliver Cannon was a rich, handsome man who had a wild and wicked sense of humor and an insatiable appetite for the fairer sex. Matthew loved women so much he didn’t want to settle for just one; not until he’d gotten his fair share of bedding ‘his fair share’ as well as removing the pain of a family member’s past indiscretion out of his system. If ever…

“Play the field, I say. No ties, no strings. Just… go home and enjoy the solitude.”

“You’ll lose that solitude when you have kids,” his brother, Marcus, warned.

“Already worked that out, if I ever decide to have them, that is,” Matthew smirked. “They’ll live with their mother. I won’t. No woman’s ever trapping me. I’ll… knock her up and go home. ABC, 123.”

It was the perfect arrangement, he resolved. Then he met HER. Madison King, the woman who stopped his…

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