A cyborg, a top-secret lab and erased memories – “Eve of Destruction” by E. Kay Sims

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Rivetting romance
By Karen H. Vaughan

We first meet eve during a firefight against insurgents. We next meet her when she is back in the lab. That’s when the doctor on her team gives her something from her past and that’s when we see her past and how she meets her silver eyed fiancé. It was a wonderful romance until tragedy struck.
The story was told in such a way you could feel Katicas fear, anger and passion for Wyatt. I will give this read 5 stars and Kudos to E. Kay Sims for excellent story telling.

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E Kay Eve of Destruction   Soldiers of Destruction Series Book 1.jpg

 “Eve of Destruction”
(Soldiers of Destruction
Series, Book 1)
by E. Kay Sims
Can be found at:


 Barnes & Noble


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