Beautiful Coloring Book! – “Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book” by J.S. Burke

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JS fantasy snowflakes
#IARTG THE DRAGON DREAMER by J.S. Burke, #YA #Sci #Fantasy
Beautiful Coloring Book!
ByMelissa Williamson
J.S. Burke’s Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book is a unique and beautiful coloring/activity workbook. It contains snowflake designs inspired by the meditative practice of mandala drawing and by the events and characters from the author/artist’s science fantasy children’s Dragon Dreamer series. Each snowflake pattern is accompanied by facts about the animal or plant featured in the design and occasionally references quotations from the series. At the end of the book, the designs are re-featured as ornament-sized drawings, so one might color, laminate, and hang in a window or on a tree.
I love all of the designs, but my favorites are the Tree-of-life, Mangrove Roots, and the Edelweiss Fairy snowflakes. I am, however, a bit concerned about coloring in the smaller ornament versions, as one would need a very fine pointed medium with which to color…

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