As you read this book you will travel with Diana, and you will experience her pain, love, and trails and tribulations! – “Diana’s Magic” (Time Travel Society Series Book 2) by Crystal Miles Gauthier

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#Historical, #Paranormal, #Shifter, #Romance, #Adventure, #Witch’s

Finding Her True Potential. “Diana Elizabeth, you are a very powerful sorceress, it is true. And you may not ever need to know these things. However, there may come a time in your life when knowledge of this backward way of doing things could come in handy when your powers are diminished, and you cannot perform to your full ability.” “Aunt, when would that possibly ever happen to me?” “Diana it could happen any time a demon is near or a follower has attached itself to you.” Being one of the most powerful sorceresses in the world is a challenge for sixteen-year-old Diana. Still haunted by the evil forces who kidnapped her in infancy, she is taught to fight those who want to steal from her everything she loves. One night during what was supposed to be a teenagers rebellious night out, she encounters…

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