“Authentic and moving fantasy tale” – “The Dragon Dreamer” (Book #1) by J.S. Burke

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JS dragon dreamer blurb
5-star review

Marc Secchia
Authentic and moving fantasy tale

An authentic and moving friendship develops between a dragon and an octopus in this beautifully crafted tale for all ages. Arak the dragon is a dreamer and adventurer. Scree, the curious octopus, is a healer willing to rick it all to help those in need. My 10-year-old bookworm daughter (who is quite a discerning reader and not often lavish with her praise!) says, “The story’s fabulous!” and I fully agree. This is a story to dive into, literally, because there’s so much more to this tale than meets the eye.

Author J. S. Burke brings the undersea world to dazzling life, using her background in marine biology to salt her world-building with just the right amount of authentic and fascinating detail. As someone who grew up beside the ocean, I can attest to…

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