An Announcement from: ELECTRIC ECLECTIC BOOKS…

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Hello Everyone,

I am really excited to share the following with you. I do hope you love this news about Electric Eclectic as much as I and will share the it with your followers and subscribers on your blog and via social media.

Electric Eclectic (EE) books are written by various authors under the EE brand as introductory, sample works of each author’s writing style and narrative forms.

Each EE book is a short work of between 6k and 20k words and therefore termed as ‘Novelettes’.

A standardised price of just 1.00 (dollar/pound/euro) for each novelette, allows people searching for ‘new reads’ to ‘get to know’ our EE authors styles and narrative type before committing to purchase their full-length books and novels.

Offering these short works also lets people read examples of genres they may not have previously considered ‘something they liked.’

All Electric Eclectic Novelettes undergo…

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