Everyone Loves A Hero

The Magic of Stories

According to Wikipedia a hero (masculine) or a heroine (feminine), refers to a character who in the face of danger and adversity, or from a position of weakness, displays courage and the will for self-sacrifice; this is heroism.

These days the feminine has been dropped and a hero can be of either sex. I’ve noticed recently how this as changed in other genre too. The female actresses, for instance, are now referred to as actors

A hero is usually the main character in a story, but in real life, they can be many things.

In 2014 a Manchester dog’s home was burnt down and tragically many animals died. Two men jumped over a fence and kicked open kennel doors after seeing smoke and hearing the commotion inside. As a result, they were nominated for a prestigious Animal Hero Award. Hundreds of people turned up during the night and the…

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