Short Story/Serial Monday – No Pain, No Gain – Part 17

Author Don Massenzio

This week’s installment finds Blaylock forming some suspicions about Dr. Haybrook. Can he and Gini win the race against the clock and against the evil forces at Kongo Fit to find a solution to the problem that has affected so many? Read this week’s installment and you’ll find out how they’re progressing.

You can catch up on the previous parts by going to my SERIAL page.

Please enjoy No Pain, No Gain – Part 17.


“What is it now?” Blaylock asked Benjamin Schmidt.

“I’m in the security ops center and there was a significant power surge in the diagnostics clinic.”

“So, Haybrook is probably just running an experiment. I’m beginning to think you want to be micromanaged.”

“It’s not just a normal power surge. The usage spiked as if several MRI tubes were at full power at once. The problem is, there is only one.”

Blaylock thought over what Schmidt…

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