“Rings supernatural story-lovers’ chimes” – “The Void” by Marta Moran Bishop

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Rings supernatural story-lovers’ chimes
By Dodester
This story is reminiscent of the old Twilight Zone episodes, reminding me of the reason they were fascinating. It was the author’s portrayal of the characters’ psychical layers within the story that captured my interest.
When the dark moon-night phase is complete, a night with no moon – the void – occurs. Bad things happen to anyone caught outside during this time – it did to Helen, and she disappeared. Wrestling with her despair over a life of drudgery as an outcast, made worse by the loss of her sister, Altori makes a bold decision. Determined to discover the truth about Helen’s disappearance, she goes into the void for answers and risks the terrible ravages upon her body that will occur.
Altori’s choice is to stay the same – invisible and miserable, or step into the void. To make a choice for change, she…

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