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hat Amazon’s Mysterious 50% Royalty ‘Error’ Says About Self-Publishing

Pictured: a self-publisher, books. Not in that order.

Authors using Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s  e-book publishing unit, were given a shock when they turned to their KDP dashboards on January 9: A “50%” royalty rate had appeared between the normal 35% and 70% on the dashboard.

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Self-published: Stigma gives way to success in ebook era


Deidre Randall, right, of Peter E. Randall Publishers of Portsmouth, talks with with Melody Russell and her daughter, Michelle, about self-publishing options. (MELANIE PLENDA)
Ty Gagne is a risk management guy. His work hours are spent assessing the risk and insurance needs of schools, municipalities and the like.

On the side, he finds enchantment in mountaineering. Reading about it, learning about it, doing it.

In May of 2015, Gagne of Concord was preparing…

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