“Charming Poetry!” – “A Poet’s Journey” (Emotions) by Marta Moran Bishop

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5-star reviewCharming Poetry!
By J. C. Powelson
Marta Moran Bishop’s latest book of poems is sure to please her faithful readers and attract many new ones as well! “A Poet’s Journey: Emotions” is divided into sections that contain poems organized by emotions, so it is easy to locate poems and read the ones that strike your fancy at a given time. No matter what your mood is, this book contains a poem for you! There are several fun and lighthearted poems and many serious poems, such as “A Tribute To My Mother,” and “I’m Not Ready To Lose My Sister.” These two particular poems brought tears to my eyes, as I read them and related them to my own family and life.

Whether reading one of Bishop’s serious or fun poems, her poetic style is straightforward and simple, which makes her poems enjoyable to readers who may not even normally favor…

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