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“Six Months To Love: Charlotte’s Redemption” by Christina Leija

? Charlotte is a survivor of many things; at an early age she lost her mother to cancer, and later, her father disowned her when she married her abusive ex-husband. Now more than ever she’s determined to stand strong on her own two feet, despite all that is stacked against her. However, she lives with…

“Into the Light” (Shadows of an Empire book 3) by NE Riggs

“Into the Light” (Shadows of an Empire book 3) by NE Riggs Riol and his companions live in the shadows. They can sneak into anywhere, retrieve any information, kill anyone. They have never suffered a setback before. In her lust for the karyon, the empress twists their minds before sending them south. Riol loses everything…

COMING SOON – PRE-ORDER NOW!”Hidden Risk, Path to Destiny Book 2: Hidden Risk” by Freya LeCrow

“Hidden Risk, Path to Destiny Book 2: Hidden Risk” (Path to Destiny Book 2) – Kindle edition by Freya LeCrow. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks

Shovel ready

Originally posted on bluebird of bitterness:
An old man lived alone in the country. He wanted to dig up his garden and plant vegetables, but the ground was just too hard. His only son was in the state penitentiary. The old man wrote a letter to his son: Dear Fred, I’m feeling sad because it…

Character Quotes from Web of Lies by Dellani

Originally posted on Books & Entertainment Network:
“Thanks, Maggie. Hey, how about a coupon?” She reached for the stack by the cash register. “That’s weird. I keep a stack of them right here. They’re missing.” “You’re sure you didn’t move them? Take them with you?” “No, I’m positive. No one can use them without my…

Not so bad after all.

Not so bad after all.

Originally posted on Megan Morgan:
From time to time on this blog, in addition to sharing, teaching, pulling my hair out, and bemoaning the hardships of writing, I’m also going to talk about the things I love. Those things I HEART about writing. When you stop by and just want a little inspiration, hit up…

How about some free days?

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
Once upon a time, I wrote this book called The Enhanced League. It’s my take on a baseball league where performance enhancing drugs are not banned. It’s a little bit science fiction, and a bit human drama. I wrote it as a collection of short stories and micros. My personal…

When Tis Done – Part 46

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
After Brian leaves, Neil feels a strange vibe in the air. As he closes up the house for the night, he sprinkles holy water. Still not satisfied, he gets out the blessed salt and cumin, lining the doors and windows with it. Cynthia feels a little odd, too, so she’s…

How to Preview Your Kindle eBook #pubtips

Originally posted on chrismcmullen:
PREVIEWING YOUR KINDLE eBOOK This is a thorough guide to help you preview your Kindle eBook. Previewing is best done in several stages. Proofreading the text Initial preview for obvious issues Check the images Check any drop caps Click every hyperlink (including the table of contents and footnotes) Check any tables…

Blurb Wars! Writer Friends Try Their Hand At Water Castle’s Blurb. (Wanna Give It A Shot Yourself?)

Originally posted on Dan Alatorre:
Too long! Too short! Wrong girl! That’s the hardest part/parts of getting a cover and getting a blurb. It can drive you crazy! Luckily, I am surrounded by lots and lots of smart writer types who can step up and help. Like our good friend Marie Malo (check out her…


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