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Character Quotes from After Midnight by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
“I was mainland on Mason. Thought maybe I could find a job….” “You mean turn a trick?” Scott frowned, squinting a little. Amos blushed, ducking his head. “No. The clubs there, they sometimes hire someone to clean up, or as muscle. I’ve danced from time to time. I’m scrawny and…

Character Quotes from Shakazhan by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
“Wilson, full subversive scan of the Flotilla. I want as much of a picture as you can give me.” “Aye sir.” A few moments later, the view screen on the wall slid silently open. On it were displayed the specs of the ship and a Tri-D schematic of Flotilla. There…

Character Quotes from Raven Willoughby: Origin by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
Suddenly tired, Raven did as Osceola bid him. When he woke, she was gone. Beside him lay a small bouquet of rowan berries, twigs and raven wings. Taking it up, he held it carefully, sensing that this was something important. Where his clothing had been, tattered and worn, lay a…

Character Quotes from Set for Love by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
Bern walked Kennedy to the shop once more, giving her another kiss. “There are advantages to working with your boyfriend,” Sterling said with a sigh. “I could stand to start my day and end my lunch with a kiss from a handsome man.” “Sorry, ma’am,” Bern said with a sorrowful…

Character Quotes from Crime Makes an Entrance by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
“Hillary Du Champs? Sounds like a little, old French lady with a bad accent.” Deacon went on in some detail watching Dino’s smile suddenly fade rapidly. Turning around, he saw a petite, auburn haired woman glaring up at him. She held three or four large bags which she dropped almost…

Character Quotes from Beach Babe by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
“Don’t let yourself get like that, Fiona. You’re simply too sweet to let it jade you.” “I give you permission to knock some sense into me if I do.” She chuckled. “Yeah, I hear ya.” “Seriously. If I get uppity, just clock me one. I guarantee it’ll knock me right.”…

Character Quotes from Deserted by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
“I apologize, Ms. Stanton. Mr. Beard is on the phone with one of our directors in the Mojave Desert. He can’t be disturbed at the moment. However, he knows you’re here and will be with you as soon as possible.” “Look here, Miss Whatever, tell him it’s me.” “He’s perfectly…

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