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Snowed is Over!

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Sadly, Snowed is complete. I hope you enjoyed Big Mike’s adventures. Now, the big choice comes of what to share with you next? I’ll have to do some looking so that I can find the perfect story. The decision has been made and I shall introduce it Sunday, June 7,…

Snowed – Part 61

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Anisette Parker is in custody. She and Mike are being checked at the hospital. Her claim that she’s pregnant worries Mike. He feels responsible and doesn’t want to back out of a responsibility. If he’s going to be a father, he wants to know. But try finding anyone to give…

Snowed – Part 60

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
The police arrive and are able to help the kids off the bus. Mike manages to distract Anisette without getting himself shot. The lady cop comes up to speak to him, she asks him if that’s the crazy chick who caused all the trouble. “Yeah,” I said, right before I…

Snowed – Part 59

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Mike finds the bus at the park where they stopped for lunch when on the field trip. He knows that Anisette Parker is around somewhere. She hops onto the hood of the car, wielding a gun at him. He knows he has to calm her down. “Then why are you…

Snowed – Part 56

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
While they are chatting, Jaqwan tells them the identity of Mystery Date, none other than the young teacher, Anisette Parker. Mike, who had only ever seen her in the long dresses with her hair pulled back, hadn’t recognized her. “She’s some sort of religious freak,” Cynthia said. “She borrowed that…

Snowed – Part 55

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
One of the firefighters tells Mike that the gas water heater next door had been purposely rigged to blow up. He and Sarena both have near panic attacks when they realize they could have been killed. Amazingly, it’s Ma who stays calm. Their neighbors come over to Jesse’s to check…

I Love Dialogue! from Conduct Unbecoming

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Teague McMurtry is a loyal friend. So when Aileen calls asking him to look for their friend, Nadeya, he can’t say no. Nadeya taught him everything he knows about survival. She is dangerous and damaged, having seen her fiancé murdered. She’s spent the last few years tracking down the men…

Snowed – Part 54

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
After dinner and an improvised concert by Mike, Chester and Sarena, they decide to call it a night. They are gathered on the porch saying goodnight when a strange sound catches Mike’s attention. It came from the apartment next door to his. There was a flash of light and another,…

Snowed – Part 53

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Gabe is thrilled with the offer, since he just lost his job and had no idea what he was going to do. Cleo is delighted to hear that Gabe, Mike and Sarena all want to work for her and Drake.  “He wants to know when you can start!” She called…

Snowed – Part 52

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Jesse’s daughter, Cleo, has arrived. Mike greets her, having met her before. She doesn’t waste any time offering him a job. She also has offered a job to Sarena. Mike tells her his brother might be interested and goes outside to make the call in private. I hated to admit,…


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