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5 Writing Tips for Making Fantasy Feel ‘Real’

5 Writing Tips for Making Fantasy Feel ‘Real’

Originally posted on Morgan Hazelwood: Writer In Progress:
If you ask a group of writers how they approach a part of their writing process, you’re going to get as many answers as there are writers–and sometimes more. Today I’m reviewing a discussion by a group of writers on how to make fantasy feel real. No…

What you need to know about best selling books

Originally posted on Jean's Writing:
Every writer dreams of hitting the bestseller list. However, there are more books than M&Ms promising to show us the way. So which one do you pick? Well, I’ve got a good one you should consider reading. ? I admit I picked up this book with a lot of…

Writing the dreaded synopsis! #amwriting #writingtips

Originally posted on Alison Williams Writing:
Like writing the dreaded blurb, writing a synopsis can throw the best writers into a panic! This is something else I’ve written about before, but is definitely worth repeating. I’ve worked with lots of writers who can compose the most beautiful prose, bring scenes to vivid life, make me…

Writing the dreaded blurb! #writingtips #amwriting #writinganovel

Originally posted on Alison Williams Writing:
A lot of the writers I work with have a great deal of trouble writing a blurb. I’ve given some tips on this before, but they are definitely worth repeating. Almost as feared as the dreaded synopsis, the book blurb has the power to turn wonderful writers to jelly.…

4 Ways Querying A Novel Is Like A Religion

4 Ways Querying A Novel Is Like A Religion

Originally posted on Morgan Hazelwood: Writer In Progress:
4 Ways Querying A Novel Is Like A Religion Most agents, especially in America, like query letters. These are somewhat formulaic introductions to your novel’s characters and plot, that give the agent a feel for your writing style and story. (I’ve heard ones in the UK and…

How to write a good one-sentence pitch

Originally posted on Jean's Writing:
Don’t you just love how-to writing instructions? I know I do! You must admit, DIY is a lot easier with a little help from friends. That’s why I absolutely love an article from Karen Cioffi and Writers On The Move! I admit, writing a one-sentence pitch is hard and something…

Is your monster really scary enough for nightmares?

Originally posted on Jean's Writing:
Monsters lurk about in many forms. Doesn’t have to be Big Foot or a dragon. A hateful neighbor or classmate, a work colleague, even a stranger on the street can be monsters in your story. One man’s monster is another man’s pet.  A monster can live in the protagonists past, their…

Do you need a little help describing voice?

Originally posted on Jean's Writing:
How about 240 ways to show a character’s voice? That’s right 240! Sometimes writers fall into a rut of using the same descriptive words over and over for our characters. This infographic helps avoid that particular pitfall. Don’t reach for that thesaurus instead, save this list posted by CHRIS THE…

Do you know what makes great dialogue?

Originally posted on Jean's Writing:
Turns out great dialogue contain beats.  Sunday’s are when I catch up on my reading. Blog posts I’ve missed or tagged to read are saved for a slow Sunday afternoon. There are so many great bloggers/writers it’s hard to keep up, but I do try. I’ve been working on dialogue in…

Do you want to know how long to make a story?

Originally posted on Jean's Writing:
Size matters. Some say write until your done, but as with all things, there is a rule of thumb. And knowing where the goal-line is may be helpful. Want to know the answer? I do agree we should write until finished, however, goals and guidelines are helpful. And as…


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