When Should You Conduct Research For Your Novel?

Rachel Poli

People always say to write what you know. And that’s great, but then your novel would be pretty limited, wouldn’t it?

I find writing to be a great opportunity to write about something you don’t know. Find something that interests you that you never pursued and look into it more.

For example, when I was younger, before I decided to be a teacher and realized I wanted to write, I dreamed of being a spy or a detective. I had those play spy kits with notepads and pretend handcuffs and glasses that you would see behind you–the whole nine yards.

And look at me now: I write mystery novels. I’ve studied the police exam to get a feel of what it’s like. I solve puzzles and riddles in mystery video games (one where I’m a defense lawyer). I have books where I study what it’s like to be a police…

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2 thoughts on “When Should You Conduct Research For Your Novel?”

  1. I am almost finished with DECEIT by James Siegal. Tom is a rascal of a main character trying to redeem himself for past malfeasance as a journalist and this mystery thriller held my attention as the plot developed. Bit one irritating and obnoxious error was on page 270 wherein the author related how the B-52 airplanes bombed Japan in 1945 and also the matter of using the atomic bomb and effects on survivors. The problem here is that the first B-52’s first flew in 1954. B-29’s bombed Japan . This really reduced my appreciation for the novel. The author should really know the facts and have the proof reader capable of knowing the facts not just make suggestions for story and correct mechanics.

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