The Owl Branch Book Promotions

BURNT TEASER 1.jpg““It’s okay, I think I need too. Ya’ know?” He nodded, “We’ll good.  Does that mean you’ll be the one doing the wine and dines soon?” I laughed, “Don’t get too excited that’s a little much for me.”  I watched the baby, “I like being the brains.” Janelle popped back into the picture, “Tomorrow morning at seven-thirty.  It’s at the downtown office near the courthouse.  I’ll text you the address unless you want to ride together.” “I don’t care.  I know where it’s at, we did the building remember.” Janelle tilted her head, “Oh right…” She laughed, “It’s hard to keep up sometimes.”  I raised my eyebrow and looked at Ryder, “And that’s who does our books…no wonder we make so much.” She eyed me and poked the screen. A few minutes later we ended the call.  I went and made something to eat and sat on the couch for…

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