The Owl Branch Book Promotions

It was a particularly warm night with a breeze that blew her long hair about her face. She set the singed box down on the floor of her landing. The high bluish moon enhanced her long white gown, giving its white satin luster a light blue angelic hue. The wind lifted a few of the ashen photos from the box and floated to eye level and a sudden gust blasted it into a million pieces. She placed her hands on the railing, looked to the bright full moon and screamed. She bellowed to the lofty heavens, “You’ve taken my parents and destroyed my direction in life. You’ve taken my aunt and uncle and deprived me of their wisdom and you’ve taken Ron and made me fear love. Yet, I’m still here! What more do you want to prove that you are relevant?” The wind gusted and strongly pushed her against…

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