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pizap.com14888119195921“Colin closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Standing in front of the Sleepy Hollow cemetery gate, Colin looked to the East, watching the early morning sun fracture the frozen sky into a kaleidoscope of color, with dark reds and fiery orange streaks of light making a temporary imprint above the cemetery ridge. Stepping closer to the gate, he notices the flecks of faded paint and rust dangling from the rod-iron bars. Unlatching it, he steps on the narrow paved road and scanned the grounds. The small, sloped cemetery inside the fence has an aura of hallowed ground. Colin doesn’t know if each grave holds the life of someone important, or someone who was special to someone else. Seven erect tombs on the western side of the cemetery have inscriptions on the doors. The tomb doors were open, debris rising up covering the entryway to most of them. He…

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