Tess is surprised that Patches is asking for her help

The Owl Branch Book Promotions

Lori laponteKarr

Sally looks at him and doesn’t stop. I look at Doc. He’s looking at Sally. I pull Patches to the doorway and tell him about all the bikes on the way up here. He says Security cleared the roads and he made it with the kids no problem. Doc comes over to Patches and signs to him too fast. Patches frowns, and takes my hand walking me out. He tells Sally to follow him. People are everywhere. I hold onto Patches until we get to the kids’ room.
“I have to coordinate the Club. Kate, Nancy or Jess normally stay here with the kids. None of them are here yet. Can you do this, Tess?” He’s asking me for help.
“Yes. Sally will be with me. We’ll be okay. Thanks, Patches.” He laughs and kisses my lips. He looks at Sally. “No men should be in here unless it’s a…

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